12.4.15 DIY Friday

Good evening!  Today’s post is going to be short, easy and sweet!  As you saw on my post on Tuesday, I went with some text for my front door instead of a wreath.  It’s my way of telling the world what we’re praying for this holiday season.  And it’s super easy to do, too!  Here is how you can get the look:


All you need are:  Thick ribbon, letters (you can get from Walmart for $2 each), spray paint, bows, safety pins, glue gun, decorative red flowers (I got at the Dollar Tree).  You can customize the colors to your decor.

I wanted to go with black letters because my hand railings are black.  I had some scrap material I got from FastSigns and decided to cut out the letters myself, to save money.  But, it didn’t come out as perfect as I would like to so I may end up swapping the letters I have now for some from Walmart, haha!  Until then, this is what I did!

Got my materials (minus the glue gun in this picture).


Spaced the letters out evenly, making sure it will fit within the height size of the door as well.  Once they are where you want them, glue them down to the ribbon.  Make sure you glue it down on a surface where you can scrape off the glue if it goes through the ribbon.


Add the decorative flowers and bow (not pictured).


Then I wrapped the ribbon around the door.  I used a few safety pins to hold the ribbon ends together, and then I put a bow over it to cover the ugly pins, haha.

PhotoGrid_1449265573646 PhotoGrid_1449265551119

And that’s it! I will tell you now I’m planning to do a little bit more to change it up a bit because I’m not 100% in love with it.  And I thought I was done, haha!  Can’t wait for Sunday, it’s supposed to be a very mild day so it will be great to do things outside!  I hope you all enjoy it!  See you Tuesday!

Stay lovely,


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