2.24.17 DIY Friday

Hi lovelies! I stumbled upon this picture how-to of pretty flower pom-poms that I made a couple years back and thought you’d might like it.  They were so easy to make and not your typical tissue paper pom-poms that you normally see.  I used them for a backdrop for my 31st birthday (it was our first summer in our new home).

You just start with 5 sheets of tissue paper you can get from the Dollar Tree, evenly stacked on top of each other.  (I went with white tissue paper because our theme was an all white party, haha.  You’ll see in the photos below.) Fold them in half and then fold them in half again, so that it looks like a square. Then you draw a curvy line that you will be your guide to cut the “petals”.  If you look at the third photo, it almost looks like you’re going to draw a heart, making sure you’re cutting off the edges of the tissue paper, not where they all intersect.  Once you have your line, go ahead and make the cut.

When you open it up, it will look like a 4-leaf clover.  Then you will shift them over so it will look like layers of leaves. Once you have them spread out the way you like, you want to pinch the middle part and pull it all together.  You want it to come together and twist the bottom together to create a “rose” effect.

Turn it over and look at your new flower.  Fluff it the way you like and once it’s how you want it, tape the bottom together so that it will stay as is.  Now make as many as you need!

Like I said, I made them for my birthday party and it was used for a backdrop for us to take photos.  For the backdrop itself, I just used some Dollar Tree wrapping paper that I covered large cardboards with and then stuck these flowers on the upper right corner.  It was so fun taking photos with the girls!

So that’s it, folks! There’s your not so average pom-poms for you!  I hope you guys enjoyed today’s DIY Friday.  Now go out there and make today lovely!


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