2.3.17 DIY Decorative Shelf

Do you have a blank space that you don’t know what to do with it?  We have this hallway on our main floor that we updated (see that post here) and I wanted to add just a little something to give it more character and rustic charm.  So I decided to add a little decorative shelf.  It was so easy!  This was all I needed: a piece of pine board, 1″hx6″dx36″long, wood stain, these black brackets that I bought from Walmart (which were only $3.50 each in store last year), leveler and black screws.  This project cost me less than $20.  Here is what our hallway looked like before and after it’s makeover:


I still get excited when I see these before and afters of our home.  Its come such a long way! Anyway, back to the project at hand! The shelf couldn’t come out too far because the hallway is so narrow.  But if you have the space, you can definitely get a wider board!  Since this is just a decorative shelf and we weren’t putting anything heavy on it, we didn’t need to screw it into a stud, but we did it anyway.  Sometimes, you can never be too sure with the type of walls you have.

Once I had the board all stained and had the materials ready, I gave it to the hubby to put it up.  Just make sure the shelf will be leveled, using your leveler.  There are many ways to hang shelves and some people have their way of doing it but here is a nice in-dept tutorial if you’re new to it, from the Family Handyman.  And here is our new shelf in the hallway:

Ain’t it cute?! We love it and plan to add more of them somewhere else in the house.  I swear, I’m not going to have any bare walls by the time I’m finished with this house! LOL.  Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! Have a great weekend, all!

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