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Good morning, beautiful souls!  I can’t believe how chilly it is in New England right now!  I had to pull out the pea-coats for little Miss Evey and myself this morning.  I think the cold weather makes most of us want to just stay in bed and snuggle instead of going to work or school.  A hot cup of coffee is definitely welcomed on these cold mornings!

Now that I’m all warm and had my first cup, I’m ready to get to work.  I know that I mentioned last week I was planning to do a new post every Wednesday but it just seemed to make more sense to post them up in honor of #TransformationTuesdays!  This week, I wanted to show you the changes we’ve done in our dining room.  Here are the before pictures of the room:

Dining room 3  Dining room 1

Dining room 2  dining room wall

When I first walked in, naturally I wasn’t completely impressed.  (It’s those shows from HGTV that ruined it all for me!  I was hoping maybe Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper came in and decorated it all for us!  Lol, dream, dream, dream!) But I started to notice that it was a good size and could accommodate a larger dining room set.  We love to entertain so that was important to me that we could fit a good amount of our friends!  Since moving in for a little over a year, we’ve gathered in this room many times and have already made quite a few memories!  (Ghost pepper challenge and Spartacus games nights come to mind!)  It is also where we get all our homework done, haha.  I loved the chair railing because it added character to the room and was so happy the trim was white! Of course the chandelier was a little outdated for my taste but with a little tweaking, I knew I could turn this room into a spectacular one.

Also, I just wanted to point out that we got really lucky that the house itself was in GREAT condition (at a price we could afford, which was the most important part!).  We didn’t have to do any major reno’s , like knocking out walls to make the room feel more open, at least not right away.  I think when you’re looking for a home, it’s important to look at the “bones” of the house and make sure you like the flow.  Unless you want and can do the major renovations, I say “Go for it!” Our goal was to find a home that was sort of “move in ready”, that all we needed to do was cosmetic. But we also wanted a place where we can put our stamp on it.  We love projects so this house had a little bit of it all for us.

So with all that said, here are the “after” photos of what we’ve done to the dining room so far from the same angles as above:

20151020_102212   20151020_102441

20151020_102322  20151020_102245

Just like the living room, we removed the carpet, sanded down the orange-y stain that was there and kept the natural color of the pine by putting 3 coats of polyurethane to seal it from spills.  I wanted the dining room and the living room to feel like it was one big cohesive space since they both aren’t huge rooms by any means.  I kept the wall color the same throughout (Sparkling Lake by Valspar) and to add just a little dimension and separation in the dining room, I painted below the chair railing the same color white as the trim (Bistro White by Valspar).  We changed out the chandelier to something a little more glam and I found it at Home Depot.  It’s not crystal but everyone thinks it is, haha!  I LOOOOOVE chandeliers and will put them in every room/hallway if I can.  I don’t think I’m a girly-girl but I just can’t say no to chandeliers.

We built the dining room table and buffet side table ourselves from being inspired by Anna White and the ladies from Shanty 2 Chic (and many otheres) on Pinterest!  Plus, the table that I really want is like $1500, which we can’t afford.  I will be posting those projects up soon on #DIYFridays!  We kept a natural palette, similar to the living room, so that both rooms look united.  And I don’t know what it is, I just adore natural/wood furniture.  It just warms a place up like nothing else.  The 4 leather dining chairs are from an old set we had that I will eventually make slipcovers for, and the club chairs are from Overstock.com.  They were originally for the living room but once I purchased the living room set, they became dining room chairs.  I love the look but after about a year, they’ve become pretty beat up with so much use.  We’re going to have to replace them soon, which is a total bummer.  So only get these chairs if you’re not planning to use them often and want to just pretty up a corner.  The mirrors I got from Michaels at 70% off during one of their sales (I think it came out to about $20 each if I remember correctly), which I thought was a total score!  They really jazz up the room.  And no dining room would be complete without family photos, a wine rack (that I found at Christmas Tree Shops on sale for $10), and some words to “Eat, Drink, Cheers”!  I will work on the how-to’s for you to get the look.  What I highly recommend is become friendly with your neighborhood sign shop.  A lot of times, you can make treasure out of trash and this was one of those instances!  I used to work at FastSigns in North Attleboro, MA and Joe has always been so generous and simply an amazing boss/person.

Below are a couple more photos from different angles.  We really love how the rooms turned out and since the furniture/decor is a natural palette, decorating for the holidays is so easy because the colors don’t clash.  Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or if you’ve heard this before, but if you don’t have high ceilings, hang your curtains starting at 2″ from the ceiling and let it hang to the floor.  It gives the room the illusion of being taller than it really is. I got those curtains at Ikea and I used them in both the living room and dining room as well.

20151020_100732  20151020_100855 (1)

  20151020_101237  20151020_100448

So there you have it!  Is there anything you like most about the transformation?  Which room do you use more, the living room or the dining room?  Thank you so much for stopping by today and please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post!  Look out for a new DIY post this Friday!  Until then, stay lovely!


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