From bland to beautiful: Bedroom Makeover

Hey there! I hope you’re having a fabulous Friday so far! Spring is in the air and it’s around this time when we want to start refreshing our indoors to welcome in the new season, especially in the bedroom.  So to give you a little bit of inspiration, I want to share with you a fun project I did over at my friend’s house.  She and her husband just recently purchased a new home and with that, they treated themselves to a new bed set, which they were in dire need of.  The set is beautiful but the room itself wasn’t giving it any justice.  She asked me to help bring the room to life because she didn’t know what to do or how to make it look like a grown-up space so she can come in and relax at the end of the day.  So with careful planning and a budget of $250-$300, we were able to transform this space.  Check it out below!

Before: There were no design elements to really make the bed stand out and be the “star” of the bedroom, or anything to make it feel like an adult oasis.

After: With some thoughtful purchases, a beautiful lamp that compliments the size of the bed and balances the room, and a lavender colored theme, we turned the room into a welcoming and romantic space to melt the stress of the day away.



Key elements: Finding the style of the room was first.  The bed is a traditional and transitional style so I tried to find pieces that would compliment that and items that had a style that would stand the test of time.  I found a pretty lavender bedding that was romantic and not too girly and balanced it with the mahogany wrought iron wall decor pieces I found on  Another item that brought the room to life was the vase and pretty lavender flowers.  Adding a picture frame and a “knick-knack” piece, like the amethyst rock candle holder, adds personality to the space.  For the final touch, find a pretty mirror that will bring more light into the room by hanging it across from the window.  And for any master bedroom, find a way to add candles!  It’s the surest way to turn any room into a romantic space.

So are you ready to refresh your bedroom this Spring? I hope I was able to help get those creative juices flowing! I’m glad I got the reaction I was hoping for when my friends saw their new bedroom and I really hope they will enjoy it for years to come.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Stay lovely,


Links to items: *wait for items to go on sale on Hobby Lobby!*

Bedding set ($83), Mahogany wrought iron wall decor ($6 each), lavender flower bush ($6.50), Quatrefoil wooden mirror ($25)

HomeGoods purchases: marble candle holder ($20), white vase ($10), picture frame ($7), amethyst rock candle holder ($16), lamp ($40)



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