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Good afternoon!  I hope you’re having a splendid day so far.  We had rain this morning and it looked like it was going to be a dreary day.  But now, the sun is shining and it looks gorgeous out.  Isn’t it funny how things can turn around when you least expect it?

Speaking of things turning around, I wanted to share with you the progress we’ve done so far to our first room that we worked on before we even moved in: The Living Room. Well, technically I started painting in the dining room first but it’s pretty much the same thing since they’re connected, haha.  Here are some before photos:

living room 1 living room 2 living room 3 living room 4

As you can see, it was dark and dingy.  The layout was really awkward and the dark green trim wasn’t doing anything for the room.  But still, I saw the potential and loved that it was sort of “open” to the dining room.   I know most people really like the open concept look but I’m a traditional girl and I love the fact that our house has separate rooms.  The front porch took away a lot of the natural light coming in so we needed to figure out a way to make the room feel air-y, without removing the porch.  So what we did was painted the walls a light blue/green/grey color called “Sparkling Lake” by Valspar.  I love how the color changes throughout the day and literally goes with any color!  We painted all the trim white to brighten up the space and removed the carpet.  We got really lucky and found the original wood floors under the carpet and buffed it out.  It was an orange-y color with lots of scratches and stains before.  I wish I had taken more photos…I didn’t realize I was really going to be doing this blog!  I really wanted to stain the floors a dark color but after seeing the raw pine color, to help keep the room bright, we decided to keep it that way.  So my husband just put 3 coats of polyurethane and we called it a day on the floors.  But the biggest difference in my opinion to make the room bright was investing in some recessed lighting!  (cue the angel music)  What better way to make a room bright than to add light bulbs, duh!! Haha.  But seriously, best idea ever!  I wish I could afford to put recessed lighting in every room!  We’ll get there eventually.

So here you go, some photos to show you what our living room looks like right now.  Photos were taken with my camera phone which has a cracked lens, haha.  Can you tell?  I took a couple with the recessed lighting on and a couple with it off.

20151013_141123 20151013_141136 20151013_141414 20151013_141454 20151013_141522 20151013_141600 20151013_141625

We love our sofa and love-seat set we got from Bob’s Discount Furniture (the Renee set).  Because the room isn’t very big, I decided to go with a light color.  I know, I’m crazy for doing a light color since we do have 2 kids.  But they’ve been really good and we got the “goof-proof” insurance on it, haha.   To help “ground” the room, we added in some dark/wood furniture like the dresser we stained and the black metal bookcase, both from Ikea.  And to pull the look together, we did a large navy and beige area rug from

So there you have it!  What do you think of the progress so far?  Isn’t it crazy how much paint changes everything? I don’t think we did anything too drastic and they were all projects that I think most people can handle themselves.  We are not general contractors by trade (my husband is in accounting and I’m in sales), but YouTube and just a “go get it” attitude can go a long way!  What changes would you like to make in your home?  Have you done anything that completely transformed your place without a major reno?  Tell me about them in the comments section! I’d love to hear your story!

Thanks again for stopping by!  Until next time…

Stay lovely,


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