New Year’s Resolutions

Hi all! Geez, it’s been awhile for me to get back here and blog again. And what got me here is….you guessed it, my New Year’s Resolution! Sometimes I get so involved with my projects that writing and blogging gets put on the back burner and then all of a sudden, the new year has come! I have a few things that we worked on to update you about, biggest one being our kitchen reno, but I wanted to talk a little bit about resolutions today.

Do you have them? Do you ever keep them? Are they realistic? Did you get a planner? I love planners, couldn’t be as productive without one! I know I usually make a list, about 5 or 6 things. Nothing majorly life-changing but I always try to better myself every year with new goals for me and my family. And every year I’d keep about 4 of them, which I think is pretty good. This year, my friends and I have dubbed it “Frugal 2018”. We’re all about saving as much moola as we can, keeping our spending habits in check and motivating each other to do so. I think when it comes to goal-setting, it’s so important to have a support system that’s going to help you achieve what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. I know I have an uphill battle within myself because on the one hand, I want to make sure we have money for emergencies, savings, retirement, etc. (#adulting) And on the other hand, I’m like “YOLO!” In other words, I really need to get creative with some of my projects! Also, we spend so much money on food! So budgeting all the stuff we need vs. things we want has been a big focus of mine the last few weeks.

I also want to keep my resolution from last year to blog more. Sometimes I look at some other bloggers and I’m like, “How do they do it? Where do they find time to do it all?” And I’ve come to terms that I just need to blog on my time and make sure I’m giving you good content to read. Stuff you want to read (hopefully).

Anyway, what are your goals for this year? What are you doing to make sure you’re crushing them? Do you have a plan in place? Whatever it is, I hope you share it and I hope you have a few like-minded friends or family that are going to support you along the way. Remember that you don’t need to do big things every day. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to build a habit. Do a little at a time, gain those small victories to help build you up. Those small building blocks are going to get you higher and higher each day until you look down and see how far you’ve come. I wish you the best of luck on this journey in 2018! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you being here and I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has waiting!

Stay lovely,


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