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Howdy! Hope you’re having a fabulous day so far!  This weekend has been so busy and I have been scrambling around like crazy this morning trying to make sure I meet my deadline to get this post up today, haha.  I’ve been seeing so many great DIY costumes this past weekend with all the parties going on, and looking forward to seeing many more this weekend since it’s officially Halloween!  Did you get to DIY yours?  Show me photos on my FB page if you can!

So today, I wanted to show you what I’ve done to the office so far.  This is where all the “magic” happens and where my sister, Phet, works from home as well, haha.  And it’s also the kids’ playroom.  The office usually doesn’t look as neat as it does today, of course.  Evey, my daughter, loves to see all her toys sprawled on the floor to cover every inch of it if she could.  The solution to an easy clean up is to make sure you have LOTS AND LOTS OF BINS/BASKETS.  Because of all that storage, I can usually tidy up the house in 5 minutes flat, haha.  Let’s start off with showing you what the room looked like when we first saw it and moved in:

Office before room before closet door before bookcase

In the first photo, you can see that there used to be carpet in here.  We removed it, just like what we did in the living room and dining room.  The room is a decent size for an office but the dark bookcase, trim and color made it feel much smaller than it really was.  It was kind of odd that they did the baseboard and window/door casing white but left that simple crown molding in dark brown.  So you know what had to be done, right? Paint it all white, lol!  We also painted the bookcase white as well.  Let me tell you…painting bookcases is not fun at all! Plus, because the wood was so dark, we had to do 3 coats.  I gave up with coat #2.  Fortunately my husband came to the rescue and finished it off for me, lol!  I don’t think it was ever going to get done if it wasn’t for him.  (Thanks, honey!)  We painted the walls Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  I cannot tell you how much I love this color!!!  It has so many great reviews so I wanted to try it out and I’m so happy that I did.  It’s a very neutral beige but in some lights it looks light grey.  We painted our half bath the same color and it looks grey in there.  I love it!  It made the room feel so open, like a breath of fresh air!  Here is what it looked like for a while since we didn’t set up the office yet.  It was just the kids’ playroom for almost a year!

20150209_121736 - Copy corner after closet door after

After I decided that I was going to start this blog, then I was finally ready to set up the office.  Because hellooo…I can’t not have an office, right?  And my sister needed somewhere to do her job, too.  Haha, who am I kidding, I really just wanted to decorate some more.  Anyway, this room (like almost every room in the house) is still a work-in-progress.  But it’s close to how I want it to be so we’re getting there!  Here are the photos of how it looks like now:

20151027_093248 20151027_093308 20151027_093409 20151027_094223

I just love how this room gets so much light throughout the whole day, especially in the morning!  It makes “coming to work” that much easier, haha.  First off, our color theme in here is white, gold, and touches of coral.  We wanted to keep it “airy” and light in here and these Lill lace curtains from Ikea definitely helped with that.  Plus, they’re $4.99 for a pair (sometimes $3.99!), how can you lose with that??? And like the other rooms, they take up the whole height of the room, making the room feel tall.  The curtains themselves are very long so I had to trim almost a foot off.  There are also a couple other things that we used from Ikea.  The pendant lamp, the 2 Micke desks that we put side by side, and the Henriksdal chairs with white covers.  We “fancied” up the chairs and made them cozy by adding faux sheepskin.  The light grey lattice style rug we got from We got it for a good deal at $83.99.  Keep your eye out on those sales!

Now, onto the projects.  I’ve done a couple things here that will be easy for you to recreate!  I love signs and putting dimensional letters on the wall.  It’s adds dimension and interest, as well as letting you focus on what words or sayings mean the most to you.  Here, my focus every day is to “CREATE”.  My motto is “Create something new every day.”  Whether it be a project or idea, I feel like I’m alive when I can think of something new.  So this word right in front of me reminds me each day to keep doing what I love.  For me, I have had a lot of self doubt my whole life.  I always thought that what I do/did was not good enough, and was never going to be, that’s why it took me so long to actually do something.  I always compared myself to others, like the designers you see all over Pinterest or HGTV.  I finally realized that what I do may not be the best designs, but I love what I do and I can work on getting better at it.  The worst thing that can happen is that I failed but at least I can look back and say that I tried.   My challenge for you is to find a word that inspires you to be the best that you can be each day.  To me, that is called “living life to the fullest.”  🙂  Ok, I got pretty deep there…haha.  Let’s get back to the project.  Here is a photo and pictures of what I did.

20151026_172028 20151026_125745 20151026_18305120151026_183103 20151026_183212 20151026_183441  20151026_184327

Most of the letters I already had from “trash picking” at FastSigns in North Attleboro, haha!  (Thanks, Joe!  Seriously, go make friends with your neighborhood sign shop, trust me!) I also liked the fact that the letters were not the same height and font.  The only missing letter was a “C”, which I easily found at Walmart for $1.97.  They also have smaller sizes that are cheaper.  I just took the letters outside and spray-painted them all gold to match with our theme.  As you can see in one of the photos, I also spray-painted picture frames that I got at the Dollar Tree.  (Actually, I reused the ones we used for my friend’s baby shower, haha.)  That way, I had accessories that match.  That is the easiest way to make your room feel cohesive; have a collection of things that are the same color.  First I chose where I wanted the letters to go, which was right in front of where I sit.  Second, I needed to space out how wide I wanted the letters to be.  I usually just eyeball it.  Third,  I wanted the bottoms of the letters to all be aligned.  It would’ve been easier to do it with masking tape but I couldn’t find any!  I’m not as organized as I seem, btw, haha.  So the next best thing for me was to get a ruler that I fortunately had in my basement.  I also grabbed a leveler as well.  Once I had it at the height where I wanted it to be and leveled, I taped the ruler onto the wall.  I totally recommend someone else taping it down for you while you hold the ruler and leveler.  Or, if you have masking tape, you can skip all this ridiculousness! Once the ruler was nice and straight, and I knew it wasn’t going to fall down, I got my letters and started taping the back with double-sided tape.  Then I just put the letters on the wall.  Like I said before, I just eyeballed it.  If you’re a perfectionist, you can do the extra step to space it out and mark off where each letter should be placed.  But I’m not that much of a perfectionist, haha.  I’m usually OK with imperfections, it has character.  Once the letters are on securely, just remove the tape/ruler and you’re done!  Here are a couple more photos:

20151027_093659 20151027_135106

Next up is the floral wall.  I had some pretty coral flowers I got from Joann’s a while back.  They were on sale for like $2 for each bunch.  They were actually the reason I chose coral for this room, haha.  And then I found that canvas sign at Marshalls that went perfectly with the room colors…and my life!  So if you’re not afraid of putting holes in your wall (or using strong double-sided tape), just pull the flowers from the stem and stick them to the head of the nail.  Then I added the leaves because just the flowers was a little too plain.  They stick out a couple inches so that also added dimension to the room.  As for the board, I took some leftover fabric that I had from my friend’s baby shower and wrapped it around a canvas that I already had.  You can find those canvases at Michaels!

20150706_173059 20150706_173612 20150706_17550820151027_130459

Here are a couple more photos of the room.  I am still working on how to style a bookcase though…haha.  I don’t think it’s great but it will do for now.  All the kids’ toys are in the brown straw bins at the bottom as well as files for my sister’s work.  We have condensed their toys a lot and have gotten rid of half of them.  (“Gotten rid of” means they are in trash bags in the closet and/or basement ready to be donated, lol)  Don’t be fooled that this is the ONLY place where their toys are though…haha.  So far we are loving the space!  I love the “She leaves a little SPARKLE wherever she goes” sign that my sister got at Marshalls!  It makes the room feel so glamorous.  We also reused some props from her wedding as well.  Gives it a little bit of a vintage vibe!

20151027_094332 20151027_093733 20151027_093900 20151027_093940 20151027_093308 12145428_1632370900364291_825364552_n

There are still a couple more things I’d like to get done to this room, like paint the doors black.  But what do you think so far?  If you have a home office, what is your favorite part about it?  For DIY Friday, I will post up how to make those gold striped place mats for the laptops!  Looking forward to chatting with you guys!

Stay lovely,


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